Immigration Visa Procedure in Japan

Business Setup/Business Visa (経営管理ビザ)

Business Management ・ management visa "is the status of residence for conducting business to conduct trade and other business in Japan or engage in management of the business. " management visa" is one of working visa.

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I want to run a company in Japan! I think that there are many foreigners who think that it is. Among those who work as foreign students and working visas, there are people who are considering future entrepreneurship in Japan as one of the options. Changes in the social environment in Japan, the industrial hollowing out due to the declining birthrate and the aging of society, brought new opportunities for foreigners to start in Japan. There are many businesses successful in Japan, such as restaurants, internet companies, and fund companies, as foreigners started their business. Foreigners who have lived long in Japan are already familiar with Japanese culture and they understand the needs of the Japanese market and consumers properly. Utilizing that experience, you may be able to launch a big business in Japan.

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