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Application for certificate of eligibility ( 在留資格認定証明書交付申請 )

Contents 適用条件 報酬額(税込)Reference fee 収入印紙Revenue Stamp 合計(税込)Total
Technology ・ Humanities ・ International work ( 技術・人文知識・国際業務) 60,000円 0円 60,000円
Japanese spouse etc. (日本人の配偶者等) 70,000円 0円 70,000円
Family Dependent (家族滞在) 50,000円 0円 50,000円
Business Manager (経営・管理) 130,000円 0円 130,000円

Apply for extension of period of stay ( 在留期間更新許可申請 )

Contents 適用条件 報酬額(税込)Reference fee 収入印紙Revenue Stamp 合計(税込)Total
Technology ・ Humanities ・ International work ( 技術・人文知識・国際業務) 30,000円 4,000円 34,000円
Japanese spouse etc. (日本人の配偶者等) 30,000円 4,000円 34,000円
Family Dependent (家族滞在) 30,000円 4,000円 34,000円
Business Manager (経営・管理) 40,000円 4,000円 44,000円

Application Change For Residence (在留資格変更)

Contents 適用条件 報酬額(税込)Reference fee 収入印紙Revenue Stamp 合計(税込)Total
Technology ・ Humanities ・ International work ( 技術・人文知識・国際業務) 80,000円 4,000円 84,000円
Japanese spouse etc. (日本人の配偶者等) 100,000円 8,000円 108,000円
Family Dependent (家族滞在) 60,000円 4,000円 64,000円
Business Manager (経営・管理) 100,000円 4,000円 100,000円

More Application Charge (その他)

Contents 適用条件 報酬額(税込)Reference fee 収入印紙Revenue Stamp 合計(税込)Total
Permanent residence permit application (永住許可申請) 150,000円 8,000円 158,000円
Special permission to stay (在留特別許可)) 180,000円 5,000円 185,000円
Naturalization application(帰化申請) 200,000円 5,000円 205,000円
Acquisition of status of residence(在留資格取得) 20,000円 0円 20,000円
Work qualification certificate (就労資格証明書) 20,000円 1200円 21,200円
Re-entry Permit (再入国許可) 20,000円 3,000円~6,000円 23,000円~26,000円

Payment and Conditions (お支払いと諸条件)

※The amount of remuneration includes travel expenses such as transportation expenses and communication expenses, but if traveling and application to outside of Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo is necessary, after obtaining consent beforehand, the actual cost of transportation and day We will receive you.

※Service content included in remuneration※

★ Advance consultation ・ consulting, consideration policy examination
★ Information on necessary documents, explanation of important matters
★Preparation of application form, reason statement, etc.
★Application at the Immigration Bureau, Corresponding Correction After Application as Required
★Receiving a residence card at Immigration Bureau (In case of non-approval, confirm the reason)
★Questions and Answers on Unknown Points Future advice
★★Remuneration, please consider these total security fees★★
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Certificate of Eligibility (在留資格認定証明書)

There are several procedures for foreigners to stay in Japan, but application for certificate of eligibility is the procedure for calling foreigners to Japan

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Application Change For Residence (在留資格変更)

In Japan There are possible to have your visa changed when you change the purpose of your stay after you enter Japan, for reasons such as change of your job or change of your visa status.

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Visa Renewal Or Extension ( 在留期間更新)

Foreign nationals who enter Japan on a work visa or student visa or family spouse visa may extend or renew their visa when the permitted duration is about to expire. In short, this is a visa extension.

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Permanent residency ( 永住ビザ )

In Japan so much that you want to be able to stay permanently. if you are a foreign national, you will need a Permanent Resident visa. In Japan, your residential visa type is shown on your Resident Card

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Naturalization/Japan Passport( 帰化 )

If You want to live in Japan as a Japanese national. This process is called Naturalization. The Naturalization process takes more than just declaring your eagerness to become a Japanese national. The legally required conditions.

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Business Setup/Business Visa (経営管理ビザ)

Business Management ・ management visa "is the status of residence for conducting business to conduct trade and other business in Japan or engage in management of the business. " management visa" is one of working visa..

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Types of Visa & categories in Japan

In japan There are 28 types of visa And They All are different for each Other.